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Our Fictional Writers Make Headlines

We use a staff of professional ghostwriters whose talent for the written word has been highlighted by some of the notable publication houses, including The New York Times. Our Ghostwriters have helped their clients become household names by penning a book on their behalf.

I was able to put some meaning to my thoughts because of this imaginative and perceptive piece of writing. The extra information helped bring my characters to life, and I appreciated it. The writer was very responsive and accommodating of last-minute changes. In any case, I appreciate your assistance. What you did was helpful, and I thank you. Strongly suggested.

Boucher, Joseph

#1 New York times-bestselling author Over 1 million copies sold!

It is not in my nature to review a service, but the Ghostwriter I used deserves it. Everything from choosing the writer to submitting my manuscript went smoothly. It was great how he seemed interested in what I had to say. I appreciate the personal touch you added to the narrative. Quick response to any questions or concerns. I am delighted by many things' high standards. Excellent job!

A. Ison, Annabell

#1 New York times-bestselling author Over 1 million copies sold!

Need a ghostwriter? No need to go further than this excellent service. I thought working with a Ghostwriter would take a long time, yet they finished my manuscript quickly. Excellent job, everyone! The author seemed to know exactly what I was thinking. Wonderful. And they also built my website. For your kindness, please accept my gratitude.

It's Moore W.

#1 New York times-bestselling author Over 1 million copies sold!

Dive Into The Pages Of A Book
To write a book, use this easy method. Spend money on a ghostwriter to compose a book.

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The Highest Quality Professional Ghostwriting Services

We provide a place where you may hire a ghostwriter to work on your project without worrying about it. The talented authors who work as our Ghostwriters bring each story to life. Our writers can handle any type of story, whether it's a rags-to-riches saga, a historical account, or a fantasy about a realm of magic.

Do you consider yourself an entrepreneur? Tell us, have you ever succeeded despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles? Get your tale out to the public ASAP by hiring a Ghostwriter. We'll offer your motivational tale a platform. Every piece of input is carefully considered and included. Our Ghostwriter will develop masterpieces that will captivate readers and have them eagerly anticipating your next work.


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Along with providing experienced Ghostwriters and proofreaders, we offer a range of other services that includes:

Book Promotion and Marketing

Marketing and promotion are two components of an overall marketing plan. Branding and promoting your book is an important part of having it published. Our team collaborates to advertise your book by making it available to a diverse range of audiences worldwide. Our digital marketing experts raise public awareness of your book through various techniques and modes of communication.

Amazon Publishing

Our job is to get your book out to readers worldwide by using Amazon publication services. Our service providers publish your copies on Amazon and provide you the opportunity to win royalties. Your book will generally be published swiftly and disseminated worldwide to a wide range of people.

Book Editing

Our book Ghostwriters and editors may help you proofread your documents quickly and easily. Our editors have a great eye for detail and guarantee that every write-up is error-free. Let us boost your writing through a thorough evaluation by our experienced editors.

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Book Cover Design

No matter how much we deny, a book is judged by its cover, at least in the real world. An appealing cover quickly draws the customer's attention. Assume you've produced an excellent book. But if it does not reach your target audience as there are already hundreds of other novels, no one will ever know how excellent it is. We have a highly experienced and professional design team that can compress and extracts your ideas in a beautifully designed cover that fully depicts the idea of your book. The initial impression is the most lasting. The book cover entices the reader to pick up your book from the shelves.

Hip Hop Writing

We can compose your rap and hip-hop lyrics. We have a crew of hip-hop writers eager to compose your tracks. Our hip-hop writers know that lyrics are intended to be expressive and work diligently to produce exceptional lyrics by utilizing their innovative ideas.

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Creative Fiction Writing

Writing fiction requires creativity. Offer us a narrative and characters; our fiction book writers will do the rest. Our authors are as enthusiastic about writing fiction as our customers. It provides them with a blank canvas on which to draw. Our fiction writers are detail-oriented and supply as much description and world-building information as the customer requests, with no maximum limit.

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Hire a Ghostwriter fast!

We have established a straightforward and easy-to-follow method for our consumers.

Our Ghostwriters Will Put Your Thoughts Into Words, Making It Simple For You To Tell The Story.


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To place an order, please phone or chat with us online.


Research and writing

Following purchase confirmation, our authors conduct comprehensive research and create an outline for your book.


The First Chapter

Following your approval, our authors begin work on the first chapter of your book. After that, the first chapter is returned to you for evaluation.


Proofreading and editing

Our editors read the book many times after it has been written for a critical assessment, editing, and edits.


Designing and typesetting

The book is then formatted, typefaces and graphical features are added, and the front and back covers are designed.


Publication and Promotion

Our job is to ensure that your book is designed and published exactly how you want it to be. We also execute a customised marketing and promotion strategy.

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Plan on Telling a Tale? Get some assistance, would you?

If that sounds like you, come and share your thoughts with us. Let us put your ideas into words and create a cohesive narrative that will hold your readers' attention until the very last page. Qualified authors use these narrative devices and structures to make even the most mundane biography read like a thrilling adventure. Our professionals are available for free consultations to help you through the process.

  • Having a strategy and some direction is crucial.
  • All-Inclusive Study, Editing, and Critique
  • Creating a comprehensive plan of action
  • In-depth conversations at every stage
  • A flawlessly finished product or service

Why Should You Hire Our Ghost Writers?

Experienced Book Authors

Get your stories written by our skilled Ghostwriters, who will ensure you receive exceptional copy imbued with their imagination.


To guarantee prompt and effective communication, our professionals are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Our authors welcome your comments and will make modifications until you are completely satisfied. Few Ghostwriter services provide limitless revisions.


Before being provided to you, all work is examined and certified by the quality assurance manager. Quality is never compromised.

What Can You Expect When You Write a Book on Your Own?

Did you know that writing a novel takes around 475 hours? Writing a book is not a simple endeavour.A book may take years to complete, even for someone with years of expertise. Did you know that famous author need to hire a ghostwriter to keep up with their busy schedules, publication deadlines, and market demands? You may never find out which sections of your favorite novels were not written by the author. A ghostwriter specialises in capturing the author's voice, language, and pace such that the book does not appear to have been written by another individual. Therefore, while a well-known professional may need the aid of a Ghostwriter, someone who is not a writer by trade would almost likely require the services of an expert.

When individuals start to write, they first encounter obstacles when deciding what to write. You may have the entire novel planned out in your thoughts. However, putting those thoughts into words is a very different thing. In our experience, most individuals don't grasp how their concept may be made into a wonderful book, so they quit writing for good. We recommend that you speak with an author or writer before calling it quits, even if they are merely a ghost. Nobody ever became a well-known author with their first draught. So don't be scared to write, revise, and rewrite again and again until the finest version of the book emerges.

The issue develops when you must devote your whole focus to a blank screen while attempting to put words on the paper due to writer's block. Writing the first draught, the first chapter, or the first paragraph of each chapter might seem daunting to new authors. To begin working on the assignment, you must first find the appropriate mental space.

People make the mistake of believing that they've completed a book after they've finished writing. It isn't long until they are confronted with reality. How do you turn that content into a book people can buy in shops or pay you to download? New authors have the most difficulty having their first book published. You may feel you can handle the publishing process independently, but it may be difficult and cost more than paying someone. Working with a service like Ghostbookwriters might be a wise choice. You'll be done with publishing if you work with us.

We hate to admit it, but book authoring is a business. You're finished in business if no one looks at your book. You want to persuade people to pay attention to what you have to offer, and only then can you expect them to appreciate your product as it was intended. That includes creating the book cover, inside pages, formatting, and marketing so that it sticks out when your book appears in an online bookstore's latest posts.

Qualities of Effective Ghostwriters

  • It may be a difficult process to hire a ghostwriter, especially when it comes to novels. Time is a crucial element that must be handled during the employment process. A skilled Ghostwriter may complete a book in half the time necessary by a non-Ghostwriter. Each writer will demand a different time commitment and amount of customer participation. After gathering information from you, a ghostwriter may vanish, leaving only the occasional email or two. It does not imply that they are not a talented authorYou should engage a Hire a ghostwriter if running your own company takes up all of your time, if you are a single mother juggling a job and children, or if you do not want to spend much time reading and revising the work.
  • Conversely, if you decide to exert greater control over your work, you will need to invest time and voice your ideas whenever appropriate. Before you hire a Ghostwriter to work on your project, you must be clear about this. Before signing a contract with a writer, they must have a sufficient grasp of your specifications.
  • Several excellent ghostwriters are available on freelancer websites, but there is no way to ensure that the writer will perform your job right. You should search for Ghostwriters who have dedicated websites or are affiliated with a recognized agency to assure the quality of their work and the authenticity anticipated of a writer in this industry.
  • A professional ghostwriter will have experience writing books in the same genre, so they understand the niche and dos and don'ts of the genre in which you want your book to be written. This isn't easy to describe, given that the Ghostwriter has signed non-disclosure agreements for every book they have authored. Asking a Ghostwriter for an outline is a fantastic technique to determine their degree of proficiency. At a glance, the writer's professionalism and expertise are readily discernible.
  • Hiring a ghostwriter may significantly simplify your life. However, the hiring decision might be unfortunate if the writer does not match your personality and requirements. The outcomes should justify the expense of employment. Therefore, we allow you to create your bundle based on your chosen services. Contact us immediately for a free estimate and consultation.

Having Trouble Creating Your Book?
To assist you, why don't you employ someone who has done this before? Inquire with us now for information.

How Important Is It to Use a Ghostwriter? Why?

Some professionals in the writing industry look down on those who use ghostwriters. Yet, just as you probably didn't construct the house you currently reside in, you may need a writer's assistance in penning your book. The difficulty of penning a novel is comparable. Someone sensible and practical would not let their lack of writing skills prevent them from fulfilling their destiny to write a book because they would know they could easily hire a Ghostwriter to help them.

Having trouble finding adequate free time is the primary impetus for seeking out a Ghostwriter for a book project. Understandably, a writer might have other commitments outside book promotion, such as a family, a job, a spouse, or even a sleep need. Sometimes the writer would rather focus on a different portfolio item. Hiring a Ghostwriter may save you a lot of time and effort that you can put to better use elsewhere.

Two heads are definitely better than one, as the old adage goes. The use of one's imagination is the second most essential reason.

As well as the skill and knowledge of a trained author. Although you retain full creative control over the content of your book, hiring a professional writer to put your thoughts into words and organize them into a cohesive narrative is a necessary step in the process. Help-seeking is not a sign of weakness. Unfortunately, not everyone has a pen in their DNA. To pass as a competent writer, you need a great vocabulary, a lot of patience, a lot of discipline, a lot of reading experience, and a lot of time. Instead of spending years learning all that, you could just hire a Ghostwriter to do it for you.

There are numerous additional reasons than those two that you could require assistance writing your book. Hiring a ghostwriter may be the best way to get new ideas, take on an old idea, breathe new life into your book, and expand your horizons if you're stuck on a creative project.

Hiring a Ghostwriter to conduct your work for you is morally and legally acceptable. Hiring a ghost is one of those taboo practices that seems criminal on paper but is perfectly acceptable in reality.

The Steps of Finding a Ghostwriter Exposed!

Like a ghost, a ghostwriter is an invisible participant in your writing process. The ghost hides in the shadows, seizes control of the book, and quickly completes an impossible mission. The work of writing may not be impossible, but it might be tough for someone who has written only one, two, or no books to achieve the same results as ghostwriters.

A ghost does not require rest or sleep. Similarly, a Ghostwriter may produce well over two thousand words per day, every day, making it appear as though they are writing for hours on end. In actuality, they are working many hours every day, but they have extensive expertise with such projects, so they are well-equipped to handle the difficulty.

Nobody else can see or believe in ghosts; only you can see them. Similarly, no one can discover your collaboration with a Ghostwriter unless you want to reveal it. The ghost captures their client's voice flawlessly. Furthermore, as the customer is still the book's author, they always have the final say over what is to be written and how it is to be accomplished.

A poorly written synopsis of the book's idea is all you need to bring to us.We will spend hours listening to you on phone conversations or video conferences to acquire all the information you have about your book. If you're too nervous to make phone calls, you may interact with us by email. Our authors will investigate, do research, and collaborate on your ideas to leverage one other's talents. From this information, an outline is generated and provided to you for review.

We recognise that even if the book is excellent, if it is not the book you intended to write, it has no purpose for you. We would not want to work in such a manner to begin with. Rarely do ghostwriters assume ownership for ideas. However, we do make ideas and suggestions based on our years of professional experience. But in the ghostwriting industry, the final say rests with the clients, not the ghostwriters.

If you do not request a different writer, we assign one of our exceptional writers from the specified category to your project once you accept the outline. The writer will wait for your permission after emailing you each chapter, so any modifications can be made immediately without damaging the entire manuscript with each rewrite.

Once all chapters have been written, the status of your project will go to editing. We use a variety of editing procedures to transform the text into a full-fledged book, including proofreading and formatting according to publication standards if you require such services as well.

You can come to us for any step of the book-writing process, or you can entrust us with managing the entirety of the project. We will format and create the inside pages with elegant typefaces. Additionally, we will handle the cover art and other features. Since the design of the book's cover, the content of the book, and the formatting are all being completed under one roof, you can rest confident that they will all be consistent with one another.

Occasionally, we may encounter clients who wish to advertise their book and build a web presence. Then, we construct websites for these writers, assist in populating them with blogs, provide online PR and social media marketing services, and so on.

A novice author may find the ghostwriting industry to be an invaluable resource. You may wish to seek assistance at every tiny step as a novice. Please feel free to contact us via phone or email for consultation. We are always eager to encourage and assist aspiring authors on their writing journey..

The responses to the questions that are most frequently asked

The practice of "ghostwriting" refers to when a professional author assists their customer in writing their book in exchange for payment. Ghostwriters rarely accept credit for their writing. Because of this, the book is typically published with the customer's name on the cover as the author. However, "ghostwriting" may refer to various forms of writing than books. There are ghostwriters for virtually every type of writing that can be done, including screenwriting, songwriting, speechwriting, and practically any other type of writing that can be done.

With Ghostbookwriters, hiring a Ghostwriter is as easy as ever. Communicate with us by leaving your contact and order details for one of our cordial project managers to get back to you as soon as possible. They will take details regarding your book, and you two will decide the cost of the project mutually. You can choose how to pay and what to pay. Once a deal is made, we appoint the best writer for your book, depending upon the project requirements. After which, you may lay back and relax that your book is in good hands.

The cost of hiring a Ghostwriter varies with the type of order, the number of words, extra services required (if any), deadlines, and other details of the order. To get a quick quotation of your project, talk to one of our co-ordinators. We offer free and prompt consultation via live chat, email, and voice calls.

On average, it takes about 6 months to complete a book. However, the actual duration may vary depending upon the type of order, length of the amount of research required, etc. It also depends upon the Ghostwriter, where you're hiring them from, what services you're hiring them for, and the skill level of the Ghostwriter.

Whether a Ghostwriter gets credit or not depends upon the agreement between the author and the Ghostwriter. At Ghostbookwriters, we keep the writer bound by a non-disclosure agreement. At Ghostbookwriters, we make sure that our writers do not desire any credit for your book.

Most Ghostwriters in the writing business do not demand any share in the royalties. They work for a fixed fee at the time of hiring. However, there may be exceptions, mostly with already established book series or books of bestselling authors.

We respect the privacy of our clients and understand the risks involved with unpublished work. We take all measures to keep all provided information 100% confidential. The Ghostwriter assigned to you will be bound by nondisclosure and confidentiality clauses in their agreement so you can.

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Need Help Writing a Book? Contact Our Team And Let’s Get Started

One of the various services we may provide for you is the assistance of a ghostwriter. Ghost book Writer is a one-stop shop that can assist you in every step of the writing process, from editing and formatting to designing and releasing book covers and marketing your books to readers in your target audience.